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Skill Development

The current day successful engineers need to identify and analyse the problems, concieve and design the potential solutions, lias with the customers and work with their peers to ensure customer delight. They need to do these things efficiently, ethically, professionally, and with competence at high speed.

At TOCE we give our students a formal training in the subjects as per the curriculum and special coaching on Soft-skills and Technology trends. At the beginning of the first year, we introduce the basics of communication, team work, critical thinking and leadership. As they progress and come to the final year, we ensure sofisticated activities like: cross fnctional team building, risk analysis, sustainability, manufacturability and cost control along with the special topics such as: IT, privacy and security.


Our training partners are:

and the associated activities are depictded pictorially as under:

TOCE students and trainers during Soft-Skills developement

Here in TOCE we focus on advanced skill-building activities matching the requirements of the industry with the view to ensure that our students are prodcutive from day one as desired by the corporates. In order to ensure the industry readiness of OXFORDITES, we impart top technology based, domain specific training in the latest trends. For indstry employement, we focus on the following areas:

Our Technical Training and Project internship partners, who provide support in professional up-gradation and up-skilling of the students are: