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e Learning

  • E -Learning is the infrastructure and communication technologies (ITC) that enable the access to online learning/Teaching resources.
  • Different perspectives include distributed learning, online-distance learning as well as Hybrid learning.
  • E-learning is basically facilitated through internet but can also be accomplished with CD-ROMs ,DVDs ,Streaming audio/Video and other Media
  • It is an efficient way of delivering courses online, with flexibility and convenience and resources are available from any wherever and at any time for all those authorized personnel
  • Our platform is integrated set of interactive online services that provides the students (learners) teachers, Parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management to ensure quality education to all concerned.
  • Our resources are faculty notes, solved university questions, mock test, plenty of study materials, including practical hand books: made available to all through special software services and E-portals.
  •  Our facilities Enhance all the  training and teaching services(EDUSAT) , Spoken Tutorial from IIT Bombay(online certification) & QEEE by HRD supported by VTU
  • Our process “Ignites Learning through curiosity”, Which is a total learning management system(LMS)